The simplicity of using one kettlebell or weight for this workout belies the intensity of the session.  This will highlight your stronger and weaker sides (we all have them) and enable you to work on creating greater balance within your body as a result.  I suggest keeping the weight light to begin to get used to the exercises and to focus on great technique.  To add more intensity at this level simply complete an additional circuit allowing for minimal rest between exercises and sets.  As you become more confident with the exercises, you can gradually increase the load.  The Turkish get-up is tricky but worth practising – it’s a killer full body exercise!


2-4 sets depending on time & fitness level; 45 seconds on each exercise, 15 secs to switch to next exercise. 60 second recovery between sets.

LEVEL: cartoon dumbbellcartoon dumbbellcartoon dumbbellimage (Intermediate to advanced : 3.5/5)


2 x kettlebells, one light, one medium weight (8-20 kg)

PRINTABLE WORKOUT LOGKettlebell Circuit.pdf



KettlebellSingle arm kettlebell swing
(med to heavy weight, focus on hip hinge)

Kettlebell swing


KettlebellGoblet squat
(med to heavy weight)

Goblet squat Sophie RussellGobelet squat


KettlebellSpiderman pushup
(knee to outside elbow)

Spiderman push upSpiderman push up







KettlebellSingle arm row
(med to heavy weight; focus on straight back)

Single arm rowSingle arm row


KettlebellSingle arm chest press/hip bridge
(medium weight; only lower hips halfway for more glute
activation, ie a better looking bum)

Hip bridgeChest press with kettlebell








KettlebellLunge twist
(med to heavy weight; focus on keep legs stable
& rotate from ribs)

Lunge twistKettlebell lunge twist









KettlebellTurkish get-up
(light weight or no weight. Alternative is to do a half get-up, ie pics 1 & 2 only. This is a complex move requiring a lot of shoulder strength & stability as the arm holding the kettlebell needs to be directly straight above you throughout the sequence. Mastered the get-up? Reverse the moves back down to the floor….)

Sophie Russell kettlebell Sophie Russell kettlebellSophie Russell kettlebellSophie Russell kettlebellSophie Russell kettlebell


KettlebellMountain climber
(alternative is to place hands on floor rather than kettlebell)

 Mountain climber Sophie RussellMountain climber Sophie Russell





S – T – R – E – T – C – H


Here’s what you’ll need to reap all the benefits :

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  1. Emma

    Brilliant workout only wish 🌠
    You were taking our classes xx 😊

    1. Sophie Russell (Post author)

      Thank you, Emma, me too!! xx


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