Fat lost strategies

As promised, here are the five remaining tips to burn fat once and for all!

6. Take a long hard, documented look at what and how you are eating

If you have children or are the main cook in your household, take a few minutes to think about how much unnecessary extra food & drink you consume whilst preparing and clearing up meals. A mouthful here and some leftovers there can seriously add up over the course of a week, a month and a year so that, in spite of what you think you eat at a given meal, you may well be consuming well over and above on a daily level. Reverse the process and realize that by simply stopping that bad habit you could, without doing anything else, lose significant kilos.
Incidental exercice

7. Embrace incidental exercise

You don’t need to join a gym to lose fat. Go for a walk, even a 10 minute one each day. Walk to the shops and carry your shopping home (novel idea – cardio & strength training minus the gym membership….). Walk or cycle with your kids to school/kindergarten/university…?! Ok, maybe a step too far with that last one. Ditch the dryer and hang your washing out. Even cooking from scratch instead of microwaving an instant meal burns a considerable amount more calories. The little things do make a difference.

8. May unprocessed carbohydrates rule!

VegetablesCarbs? CARBS? Grossly overlooked fact: all vegetables are
carbohydrates. Let them be the mainstay of your meal with as much colour, ie variety as you can muster to provide loads of nutrients and fibre to your diet. Fibre is vital for a healthy digestive system as these foods have a lower energy density, keep you fuller for longer and therefore protect you against over-eating and weight gain.


9. Get enough sleep

Sleep environmentPoor sleep quality and quantity negatively impacts our well-being by, amongst other issues, raising our cortisol levels (see point 4) which can result in over-eating the following day when signals of fatigue are misread for hunger. The more tired you are, the more likely you are to make poor food choices both of which will destroy your fat loss mission. Create a conducive bedtime environment and win on all counts.


10. In order to unlock the previous 9 fat loss strategies, here is the key – do not expect to tackle nor succeed with all of the above at once.

Muscle of the mindDo that at your peril. You will fall off the fat loss wagon faster than a rat up a rhododendron. Focus on one or two points at a time and make them happen consistently for a few weeks. Then add another and another and so on. Just as you must train your body for fitness, strength and definition so must you train the muscle of the mind to make permanent change happen.



Accept your genetics and do the best you can with what you have. As Thomas A. Edison said, “The chief function of your body is to carry your brain around.” Your body is simply the space you inhabit so cherish it, try not to abuse it and start renovating. Then you get to re-decorate as well afterwards!

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  1. Nelly Grice

    Great article and easy to understand.
    Love the advice to be patient and not expect to do all of these at once.
    Thanks for this.

    Nelly (UK)

  2. Sophie Russell (Post author)

    Thank you. I hope it is useful!


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