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This week’s post goes out to all those people for whom joining a gym or attending a regular training session or class is simply unachievable. You might be a busy Mum or Dad with young kids to look after or your work, your location and/or your budget have meant your own workouts have taken a back seat because it has simply become too hard to commit to a regular time. Or maybe the mere thought of exercising brings you out in a cold sweat (of the ghoulish, fearful kind) and it has been relegated to the too hard basket whenever it rears its ugly, but persistent, head.


If this is your current situation, I can appreciate that the idea of creating some space in an already full and, more importantly, unpredictable schedule, may seem nigh on impossible. But, for this reason alone, I believe it is absolutely vital. Somewhere in that busy mess we call life, it is imperative you create a pocket of space for you and your well-being because, not only will it give you some breathing space from the white noise in your head, it will also, I would wager, have the knock-on effect of making you a more patient parent, more appreciative friend or partner, more able to give of yourself because you could have some all important “me” time. Clearly, that time could be spent reading, having a coffee or dusting out your navel, all of which are valid, noble choices for whiling away some free time; however, shaking your tail feather into action and bringing on a sweat will get you fitter, leaner, give you an adrenalin rush, pump up your endorphins and have you yodeling your way to your next duty call. The child/accountant/partner/superhero you are off to meet may be confused by your gutteral utterances but no-one will doubt your energy and verve (and possible new aroma….). Superhero

Factoring exercise into your life is important. You know that. The workout I have created is very straightforward, requires no equipment and can, as promised, be done wherever and whenever.


You and your bodyweight. Get comfortable shifting it, pushing it, supporting it, strengthening it.Wellbeing fitness


Once or twice if you have a 10-minute window of opportunity, or it can be repeated 3, 4 or 5 times through. Let not time be a hindrance.


Bedroom, bathroom (you just found a new use for the side of the bath), balcony, car park, hotel room, you get the gist. Let not space be an issue. 

Level cartoon dumbbell (Beginner: 1/5)

Printable workout log: Anywhere Anytime.pdf


squat10 x bodyweight squats

lunge10 x alternating lunges






Push-ups10 x pushups





mountain climbers10 x mountain climbers

lateral lunge10 x lateral lunges

tricep dip10 x tricep dips

sit-ups10 x situps

planks30 second plank (knees or toes, slow count to 30)



Do it. Do it again then tell us about it. We’d LOVE to hear your thoughts be it via Facebook, Twitter or the website. Those excuses just went out the window with the bath water…..


Photo credits: Elle Penner, Squeeze, Running the cape, H. Sariman, Sterling Wellness, Core condition, Spartan Lifestyle, Innovation-sports, Sassifit, Alan9187, Alexas Photos, Lazare

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