About Us

Aussie-fit is the result of a wonderful affiliation that came about when two like-minded fitness enthusiasts began to work together:  Sophie (the trainer) and Geneviève (the client).  Australia and Quebec may be on opposite sides of the world but these two met and connected half way between the two, namely in England.


Sophie Russell

                                                                  SOPHIE RUSSELL

Sophie was born and brought up in rural Dorset in the southwest of England.  After studying French and Spanish at university she took off to travel extensively before eventually winding up in Melbourne, Australia where she has lived for most of her adult life.  Gymnastics, cycling and music were her main pursuits as a youngster but it was the inability to sit still in her office job, the lure of triathlons and the transformative nature of resistance training that led to a gradual career change into the wonderful world of fitness.  Fast forward 15 years and she is now an established, certified personal trainer, fitness coach and award-winning instructor specializing in Pilates, cycling and strength training.  Mad about all things physical, along the way she has turned her hand (& body) to everything from flying trapeze to yoga, from boxing to boogie boarding.

I do not claim to be the font of all fitness knowledge.  However, what I can bring from my broad-ranging experience is an educated insight into the mixed messages we are bombarded with each day regarding fitness, nutrition and well-being.  The purpose of this blog is to provide useful, achievable ideas to help improve how you train, how you eat and how you feel.  We aim to make you think about what you are currently doing and encourage you to maybe shake things up, do a little shimmy (on the inside) and benefit from some positive changes.  Consider the gauntlet thrown down….



Genevieve Charron

                                                             GENEVIÈVE CHARRON

Geneviève grew up in the Outaouais region of Canada on the border of Quebec and Ontario.  During her childhood and adolescence she immersed herself in the worlds of swimming and music.  Ex-army and a former banker, Geneviève quickly learnt the true meaning of the expression “to push your limits”.  Once she realised the benefits that physical training could bring in order to harness her energy, she began to train more regularly.  On the menu were:  cycling, spinning, running, snowboarding, boxing, swimming and body-building.  Eight years later her journey took a sharp detour in the form of a humanitarian placement in Nicaragua which revived her passion for travelling and adventure.  Geneviève currently resides in England working as a consultant in the fields of communication and translation.

When I met Sophie I had the firm belief that our paths were meant to cross.  I was not mistaken!  Sophie is one of a few inspirational people who have had a profound affect on my life.  She emanates calm strength and has an infectious energy that you simply can’t ignore.  Those who know me well know that I am driven by challenges and that I invest body and soul into everything I undertake.  Sophie grasped this immediately and I was off and away!  Thanks to her guidance and knowledge I have made impressive strength gains and muscular definition, I have a newfound focus and confidence and an amazing sense of well-being.  I could not pass up the chance to share my coach’s experience and expertise with you too. To me there is nothing more gratifying than being able to help others become the best version of themselves!

Her mission: To provide you with a friendly blog offering an extensive collection of concrete solutions to help you achieve the ultimate form, eat healthily, bring about long-lasting, sustainable positive changes to your life and optimise your overall sense of well-being.  As the expression “healthy body, healthy mind” puts it so succintly, someone who is at ease with themselves can truly experience la joie de vivre!  Are you ready to join us on this amazing adventure?  Take a deep breath and allow us to transport you on a wave of positive energy 🙂