Strategies to stop over-eating

1.  Do your teeth as soon as you finish your meal – nothing will taste good then!

Brush your teeth

2.  Signal the end of a eating to your brain by creating a positive habit such as a cup of peppermint tea to aid digestion.


Aid digestion with tea

3.  Portion out the rest of what you have cooked before sitting down to eat so that, once cooled, it is ready to be put into the fridge/freezer for a future meal and you are not tempted to go back for seconds.

 Portion control

4.  Drink 500ml of water 10-15 minutes before eating. This will help you recognize true hunger when it comes to your meal rather than thirst.


Drink more water
5.  Eat from a smaller plate. Plate sizes are getting bigger & bigger; be realistic about your portion sizes.

Plate size
Photo credits: Takeshi Kawai, Pimthida, Katy Warner, Konstantin Stepanov, Laura Thorne

What other methods have you tried?  We’d love to know so please comment.

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