4 natty ideas to help keep your food on track

It’s 9 o’clock in the evening. You are relaxing in front of the TV after an exhausting day at work. Next thing you know, despite all the best of intentions, the tracking, the workout, you have eaten all the cookies…Sounds familiar? Don’t despair, here are 4 solutions to get back on the wagon.

1. Re-focus

PlanBeware the subtle slide of both daily bread and buttocks where once there was precision decision-making and hyper awareness around your food intake and energy output. Go back to your plan (never leave home without a plan), remind yourself of that all important WHY you are doing this and then venture forth once more….


2. Keep it varied

cereal The fastest way of falling off the food truck is to eat the same things all the time. Please don’t eat tuna salads every day for lunch….. This swiftly leads to boredom, not really tasting what you are eating and, before you know it, you’re on the slippery slope to a takeout food coma. Mix it up and be flexible with meal labels, ie breakfast doesn’t have to mean only toast, cereal or eggs. Smoked trout with vegetables/salad or a chicken stir-fry are just as good a way to begin the day. Think outside the cereal box.



3. Tune into yourself

bandaid The hardest time of the day for most people regarding food intake is the evening. The cut and thrust of the day is over, dinner is still heading south and all of a sudden you are shoe-horning industrial portions of chocolate/wine/weird-food-combinations-you’d-never-admit-to down your gullet. This could be due to not having eaten enough earlier in the day so your hormones are frog-marching your appetite into overdrive or, you could simply be bored or emotionally fried. Cue food and alcohol to (momentarily) relieve the symptoms. Take the time to recognize emotional eating and drinking for what they are – bandaids. Fine once in a while but hardly a modus operandi.



4. Use common sense

There is no one way of eating and there are as many healthy diets as there are people. Listen to what others say but then apply what makes sense in your life to your lifestyle. Don’t underestimate what you know – avoid processed food, eat whole food and move every day. It ain’t easy but it’s bloomin’ simple.

self esteem


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